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Hummus, and a restaurant for light meals

ibn gvirol 189 tel aviv

הטבות של העסק
Hummus plate + natural lemonade 30 NIS
למחזיקי כרטיסEUROVISION

buy a huge and tasty hummus dish with lemonade in discount

אודות העסק
Hummus, Paul, Masbacha - all you love in one place! Humus Abu Musa
Hummus Abu Musa Tel Aviv The Hasali was opened in the heart of the bustling and hungry city, on the central and accessible Ibn Gvirol Street, in January 2015.

Since then, the hummus has been known to everyone as a perfect place to sit in order to have an excellent hummus, or perhaps a fruity hummus-poul, a huge selection of all kinds of hummus you desire, with pita bread, a rich supply of original salads, And hot falafel and freshly baked eggplant - all fresh and ready every day from the finest raw materials.

Hummus Abu Musa Hummus Asali! And it's the perfect place to go hungry and get happy. A place to enjoy an excellent hummus and a selection of excellent extras - all at funny prices! enjoy your meal!
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